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Writers - Paul Matthews, Nick Laird, Allie Cherry, James Whyte, Alan Surgeon, Linda Thompson, Ann Mariott, Paul Robertson. Edit and Design - Brian Houston




Anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps has announced intentions to erect a monument to Matthew Shepard, the gay college student brutally murdered five years ago near Laramie, USA.

Phelps says the monument would be 5 to 6 feet tall and made of marble or granite. It would bear a bronze plaque bearing the image of Shepard and have an inscription reading "MATTHEW SHEPARD, Entered Hell October 12, 1998, in Defiance of God's Warning: 'Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.' Leviticus 18:22."

The monument would be erected in downtown Casper (Wyoming), Shepard's home town. Phelps has sent details of the monument to the city of Casper city council and there may be nothing the city can do to prevent it. Phelps told Casper council in his letter that if it attempts to prevent him from erecting the homophobic monument he's prepared to go to court.


Ooh la la

Not a gratuitous body shot! It’s for a good cause - rugby. Every year the French national rugby team appears in the Stade Francais calendar; ‘Dieux du Stade’. And every year it gets more and more homoerotic. Nice. Featured above (with the tat.) is Frederic Michalak who recently proved himself during the World Cup in Australia.
The Stade Francais site has the calendar for sale and a ‘making of’ DVD, which IS gratuitous.


FifeFLAGS: Fife Free Lesbian and Gay Society, based in Dunfermline, provides a fun, welcoming and safe meeting space and drop-in centre for the LGBT community, friends, family and supporters.

Various groups can meet in comfortable surroundings and arrange activities and outings or just hang out and meet new friends. Safer sex information and supplies will shortly be available as part of the Fife Health Board condom distribution scheme. Social groups meet on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7pm, with a youth group and parents support to follow .

Suggestions and info -

01383 738517

E-mail: [email protected]


Cute, cuddly cartoon animals - awwww. But, wait a minute, what’s the chain-saw for?? Happy Tree Friends, soon to be on terrestrial TV over here, completely subverts the cartoon stereotype; raising the notch of nastiness found in the likes of Tom & Jerry and Ren & Stimpy a few bars higher.

Happy Tree Friends

Catch a few episodes at ;


Have you got millionaire potential? The BBC, following a recent documentary, asks the questions that give an insight into your abilities to accrue the cash. “How much sleep do you like a night?”, “What is your attitude when playing games or sport?” and “How would you most like to be remembered?” all add to a final score. The documentary featured self-made millionaires who shared many characteristics. One of which was a need to control all aspects of their lives, including their nearest and dearest. There was also an overwhelming desire to make more money, regardless of the security and dosh already there. Guess money isn’t everything right? RIGHT?

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Core is a partnership project representing the LGBT community in Scotland. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the partners. However, if they're witty, intelligent and insightful - they probably are. If you flicked through this mag, saw a photie and made an assumption about someone's sexuality - then you're about ten years behind what we're trying to do here. Click the mag off and walk away. Accurate at going online time, but hey, we didn't get this sarky without making mistakes.