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Issue 18

Writers - Paul Matthews, Nick Laird, Allie Cherry, James Whyte, Alan Surgeon, Linda Thompson, Ann Mariott, Paul Robertson. Edit and Design - Brian Houston

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What' s Your Idea of a Good Time?

“Ah was off ma face man! Couldnae fuckin' walk. Ah mean, Jesus, soooo pissed. What a great night!”


A lot of us seem to wear ‘a night on the piss' with pride and honour. Kind of a dispatch from Vietnam - “look what I did, and survived!” Equating the wiping out of a fair few brain cells with having a good time, seems par for the course in our culture. And it IS a drinking culture - one where alcohol is the great escape; usually at weekends and, most times, in big quantities.

It' s strange that we take such joy at incapacitating ourselves. Or, maybe we don' t even think about it - it' s the culture, our society, everyone does it: what better definition of acceptable is there?

Don' t get me wrong. I' ve been there (head spinning) and will almost definitely be there again. But in the cold light of reason; how weird is that!? Aye well.

Now, how about this wee white tube with dried shreds of plant in it. Filling my lungs with smoke! Yeah - not fresh air - SMOKE! Curious.

Brian Houston



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Core is a partnership project representing the LGBT community in Scotland. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the partners. However, if they're witty, intelligent and insightful - they probably are. If you flicked through this mag, saw a photie and made an assumption about someone's sexuality - then you're about ten years behind what we're trying to do here. Click the mag off and walk away. Accurate at going online time, but hey, we didn't get this sarky without making mistakes.