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Writers - Paul Matthews, Nick Laird, Allie Cherry, James Whyte, Alan Surgeon, Linda Thompson, Ann Mariott, Paul Robertson. Edit and Design - Brian Houston



It was a dark and stormy night on October 30th in Greenside Place. CC Blooms was to witness a showdown like no other. A fight that would put the cult horror figures Freddy and Jason to shame. Yes, it was Babra versus Cilla. Two drag queens battled it out to see who was the ultimate cock in a frock.

Gay Men's Health and CC Blooms Halloween Parties have become a regular thing over the years, but with the assitance of Habana's Miss Cilla Shack and Glasgow's Miss Barra la Bush, the evening became a hilarious episode of drag queen insults and bad miming! Gay Men's Health would like to thank both Cilla and Babra for making time in their busy schedules. A big thank you goes to Brian and Diane, Georgie Boy and CC's staff, especially Jean!

Sadly, there was also another purpose of the evening. Peter Ritchie, Manager of CC Blooms, was leaving. Peter has been with CC's for many years and has become popular with staff and customer alike. We would like to thank Peter for his community support over the years and wish him all the best for the future. Good luck.

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Core is a partnership project representing the LGBT community in Scotland. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the partners. However, if they're witty, intelligent and insightful - they probably are. If you flicked through this mag, saw a photie and made an assumption about someone's sexuality - then you're about ten years behind what we're trying to do here. Click the mag off and walk away. Accurate at going online time, but hey, we didn't get this sarky without making mistakes.