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Issue 18

Writers - Paul Matthews, Nick Laird, Allie Cherry, James Whyte, Alan Surgeon, Linda Thompson, Ann Mariott, Paul Robertson. Edit and Design - Brian Houston

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So just what DO LGBT people do in their spare time?


Hang out at their favourite watering hole sipping Bacardi Breezers (the guys) or pints (the women), checking out the talent? Maybe strut their stuff at the trendiest clubs, after a bowl of Special K - throwing shapes culled from the latest music vid?

That may be the reality for some people, but what about everyone else? Are you looking for an alternative? Are you fed up queuing to get into venues, shouting to be heard over the music in bars?

How about a bit of body and mind stimulation that doesn't involve sex, drugs and clubs - just for a change?

Following a consultation with LGBT people living in Edinburgh & the Lothians, the LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing is launching LGBT Active at an open event on Saturday 18th September from 2-6pm .

LGBT Active will offer people the opportunity to sign up to a range of activities including yoga, tai chi, dance, guitar for beginners, meditation and art courses. Places on these activities are limited so come along to the Centre ,sign up and guarantee your place.

The Centre also hosts community groups - with new arrivals the Men's Book Group, LGBT poetry group and the Edinburgh TV / TS group. Existing groups include the Lesbian Mother's Group, Transmen Scotland & Lesbian Book Group.

Consultation on activities to be included in the LGBT Active programme is on-going, so if you have an idea for a group or activity contact -

Allie Cherry

LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing

0131 523 1103

Email - [email protected]



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Core is a partnership project representing the LGBT community in Scotland. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the partners. However, if they're witty, intelligent and insightful - they probably are. If you flicked through this mag, saw a photie and made an assumption about someone's sexuality - then you're about ten years behind what we're trying to do here. Click the mag off and walk away. Accurate at going online time, but hey, we didn't get this sarky without making mistakes.