Gay Men’s Health strives to ensure that its work is evidence based wherever possible. We work and consult with a range of research bodies, and also from time to time conduct pieces of research ourselves. Here is a selection of some of our own pieces of research, and research that we have been actively involved with.

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Hutchison, C; Porter, S; De Voil, S (2003): Live To Tell

This research utilised anonymous self-completion questionnaires to investigate suicidal thoughts, feelings and behaviours amongst 95 young gay and bisexual men living and socialising in Edinburgh. The study found a disturbingly high level of suicidal thought, feeling and behaviour amongst the sample group, along with some dissatisfaction about the sources of available support. The proportion of respondents who reported suicidal thoughts and who had attempted suicide was significantly higher than that found in the general population.

O’Donnell, Steve (2004): HIV Testing Among Gay & Bisexual Men in Edinburgh 2002: This research was carried out in the gay bars in Edinburgh during September 2002 and builds on the ‘Testing Barriers’ research carried out in 1999 by Paul Flowers et al. The research looks at gay men’s testing behaviour and examines the extent of HIV stigma and discrimination on the commercial gay scene and other barriers which prevent gay men from having an HIV test. A total of 283 men took part in the survey.

O’Donnell, Steve (2004): HIV testing among gay men in Edinburgh and the Lothians 2004

This research updates information contained in the 2003 research  (2002 data) “HIV Testing in Edinburgh and The Lothians” conducted by Steve O’Donnell of Gay Men's Health. The research allows comparisons to be made with the 2002 data and assists in identifying trends in HIV testing behaviour by comparing data collected in 1996 for the study carried out by the Gay Men’s Task Force (Hart et al 1999), the original ‘Testing Barriers’ data of 1999 (Flowers et al), the MRC survey of 2002 and the 2003 Gay Men's Health research.

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